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Pivotal Impact’s IT security professionals help organizations attain and maintain the security of US federal government agency’s information systems using the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) with the Authority to Operate (ATO) security authorization process. Pivotal Impact’s ATO team works to:

  • Establish and implement security controls

  • Implement and follow risk management framework (RMF)

  • Determine FISMA level, identify system controls, based on NIST, FISMA, FIPS, and Agency specific requirements (800.53, 800.37, FIPS 199, VA Handbook 6500)

  • Develop system security artifacts (SSP, Risk Assessment, IRP/DRP, CM Plan, etc.)

  • Develop test banks and test cases for controls


Developing and maintaining quality, scalable, and up-to-date datasets is a critical component of any business intelligence (BI) solution. Pivotal Impact’s developers leverage tools such as SharePoint, Microsoft Power BI (PBI), Dynamics, and Tableau datasets from the data sources provided by our clients to develop dashboards, correlate, and display data from multiple sources, and provide insight into business and technical environments.


Pivotal Impact strives to create efficient and effective data governance and proactively reduce the total cost of investigations and discovery using strategic guidance and analytics to reduce the overall obligation of data discovery. We develop and implement playbooks allowing a consistent approach to create defensible cost reduction strategies. All eDiscovery cases begin with a discussion with key stakeholders to understand the specific needs of each case and use multiple analytics techniques to drastically reduce the amount of data needing processing and review. Managing teams of collection experts, eDiscovery consultants, and document review teams is key to a successful solution.


Pivotal Impact’s PMO team helps to ensure our client’s 350+ Information System Security Officers (ISSOs) meet their monthly, quarterly, and annual security compliance activities. Additionally, we assist our client in aligning program efforts with its annual strategic plan, developing associated goals and metrics. Pivotal Impact works with stakeholders and leadership and developed a Workload Tracker to gain visibility into the day-to-day activities of the 350+ ISSOs to provide valuable input into employee training, staffing decisions, and determining contractor support needs.  PMO support tasks include:

  • PMO Strategy and Advisory Support

  • Mission/Vision development and alignment

  • Employee engagement

  • Establish and Execute Program Roadmap

  • Develop and execute communication campaigns

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